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ATN X-Sight Day/Night Scope! Nightvision on a Budget



The ATN X-sight is a digital day and night capable rifle scope available in a 3-12 power and 5-18 power variant sharing the same electronics. Built around an Obsidian core processor, the X-Sight behaves as much as a GPS-enabled video camera as it does a gun sight.

In addition to allowing you to switch between day and night vision modes as needed, the X-Sight can record through-scope video and take still photos for storage on a micro SDCard. Under the same water resistant cap as the micro SD slot, the X-Sight has micro USB and Micro HDMI outputs for remote access and viewing, even in real time.

The X-Sight also provides a digital compass and GPS geotagging to help with navigation as well as to allow you to display where you’ve been on a map. Though I have not used this feature yet, I can see how it could be handy when combined with arial photos in determining where best to hunt your next time out.

ATN includes an 850 milliwatt infrared illuminator, which is necessary when ambient light drops below a certain point. It is adjustable for focus, brightness, and aim and comes with an integrated toolless Picatinny mount. This is so you can mount it directly on the X-Sight’s own Picatinny rail section or anywhere else you might have Picatinny on your weapon.