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A&M - "The Goodman" - High Endurance Cutting Chores



Lou Goodman puts the "Goodman Special Operations Combat Knife" to the test. As a High-Endurance, Triple Tempered and Differentially Hardened knife, "The Goodman" has to be able to perform multiple cuts across different types of media, chop a 2x4 in half and still remain sharp enough to shave hair. It will also bend 90 degrees without breaking or shattering.

This entire test was filmed in one take, and edited for your viewing enjoyment. No sharpening, cleaning or any sort of maintenance was performed to the blade in between cutting chores. You can expect this performance from your "Goodman Combat Knife" right out of the box.

Visit for more information on the "Goodman Special Operations Combat Knife" and learn about "Abraham & Moses Geissele" line-up of quality knives.

  • Category: Outdoors
  • Uploaded: 04/06/2018