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Chronograph Shootout: Chrony F-1 Master vs Oehler 35P



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In this video I will compare and contrast two chronographs from opposite ends of the quality spectrum: The Chrony F-1 Master and the Oehler 35P.

The Chrony brand of chronographs gets a bad rap in the gun world for being a cheap, inaccurate pile of garbage...A little on the extreme side, but some folks honestly think that, not only about chronographs but other products that they may not take the time to setup and use correctly. I own the F-1 Master shown in this video and have found it to be a more than adequate piece of equipment in my experience. The Oehler is a loaner, but is probably my new favorite piece of testing equipment after playing around with it for a few weeks.

The F-1 is at the bottom of the chronograph totem pole, with the Oehler 35P being on the top. I set out to do this video not only to test the F-1 against the industry standard, but also to show that a piece of equipment like the Oehler is well worth it if you are a serious shooter.

One thing that I'd like to mention that I didn't actually showcase in this video is the digital readouts of both units. You see them processing the velocities at nearly the same speed during the three strings, but the Oehler will also compute the average, standard deviation, extreme spread, and high and low velocities with the push of a button and also print your velocities as you shoot. The F-1 Master? Nope...You have to purchase the printer as an upgrade and move up to at least the Alpha Model to get the same functionality.