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YouTube Moves to Ban Guns: 3 Things YOU Can Do



YouTube has recently made public its new policy on firearms on its platform. Guns are to basically be unusable from the perspective of what we do. Their discriminatory policy would make at least half of the videos that I have produced prohibited. We have 30 days to work through this policy or be removed from YouTube. In this video I am going to explain why this is terrible for the second amendment community and the 2a Culture. There are things that you can do to help with the YouTube Bullying.

What you can DO?

1.) Contact YouTube Directly and let them know that this is not Okay: "I come to this platform to consume this content. If you continue down this road, I will stop coming here"

2.) Subscribe to our channel on Full30:

3.) Should VSO create its own "guntube" to help safeguard the voice of the constitution as it pertains to first and second amendment rights? If so we are going to need your help:

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