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Museum of the Horse Soldier - Tour and Interview



Located in Tucson, Arizona, the Museum of the Horse Soldier is a fantastic exhibition on the history of cavalry in the United States military. It features a collection of uniforms, weapons, equipment, and other artifacts covering the US use of mounted soldiers from the very beginnings in the 1800s through the Korean War. Best of all, the museum director is truly passionate about the topic and has a wealth of knowledge that he is eager to share with visitors.

That interest and passion on the part of the curator is a huge factor in making the museum truly an interesting learning experience instead of just a pile of artifacts. This is a place where you can learn about any aspect of the use of horses in combat, from the Seminole Wars to the western frontier, the Mexican Punitive Expedition, WWII, and Korea - and put that information into context with events still going on today.

Today we take a tour through the museum exhibits and spend some time talking with the director, including subjects like:

The last US cavalry charge, made against Japanese tanks The use of horses by US Special Forces in Afghanistan today The cavalry saber designed by none other than George S. Patton How horses were replaced not by trucks and tanks, but by helicopters And much more...

If you are in Tucson, definitely don't miss your opportunity to check out the museum in person! You can find their web site at: