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Gun Gripes Episode 56: 2013 New York Safe Act



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The 2013 New York Safe Act. The most unconstitutional piece of legislation I have ever seen. This is some real though police material. They are retroactively labeling you as a criminal just because you own a gun. Never mind the liberal extreme left media publishing the locations of known gun owners in the area, many of which had their home broken into as a result. I think that the gun owners of this Country have had their backs against the wall long enough. We have to fight this to the furthest reach we can. It begins with educating the anti-gun populace and making them understand that we are not a bunch of crazies. We have to promote firearms sports in a humane and positive light. We must provide expert and knowledgeable training to those that need it. More importantly, we have to get young people involved in the sport of hunting and recreational shooting, but also emphasis the fact that the 2nd amendment is not about only those things. We have to respect the 2nd amendment for what it is and what it has the potential to be if more legislation passes like it did in New York.

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