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RAS-47 2000 Rounds & Suppressed Test



The RAS-47 from Century arms has been the source of a lot of controversy. Most of this centers around the use of cast parts, namely the front trunnion. Historically speaking this part has been forged, for good reasons. What we are doing in this test is moving through a series of tests, stopping every 1000 rounds and cleaning the rifle for photographs. Those photos can then be used by YOU, the viewer to make a judgement call on the RAS47. Our input on this AK is going to be minimal. Admittedly, I am pulling for an American Made Kalashnikov pattern rifle, but if it doesn't meet snuff then you guys will let me know. What we are looking for is progressive wear on this AK-47, in this segment we performed predominantly silencer testing. We fitted the gun with several suppressors, 30 caliber, both ours and ones from Silencer Shop. Find it, let us know below, what is important to you?

1000 Round Initial

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  • Category: AK-47
  • Uploaded: 08/18/2017