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Gun Gripes Episode 58: 5 Readily Available Guns



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In light of our recent supply and demand gun gripe, I had several youtubers ask me "What if I don't want to buy a black rifle and pay out a lot of money"

The truth of the matter is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to get a good gun. You don't have to have a black rifle to be a good rifleman. Yes, an AR-15 or solid M1A can be a force multiplier in the proper hands, but it does not mean that you cannot properly defend yourself with the guns we show in this video. I understand that a lot of people's emotions are on high right now and with good reason. Some of us are unemployed, but it still doesn't mean we don't need protection. Some of us do not make a lot of money, but it doesn't mean you still don't need a firearm for protection. Some of us (myself included) refuse to pay the outrageous prices that black rifles seem to demand at the current time. What we have seen, is that things are getting a little better. This past Saturday (the day after this video was recorded) we had a swarm of customers coming in from the local gun shows very disappointed with the prices that the vendors are charging on black rifles still. My prediction is that this gun ban business will blow over and hopefully everything will be back to normal by the middle of the year. I kind of miss the days of $199 Saiga 12 shotguns...