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Gun Trust Series Part 1 - Gun Trust 101



Hi Everyone, We are excited to start a new series talking all about gun trusts with special guest Attorney Ben Rust. Ben is a lawyer specializing in estate planing and trusts for NFA items and firearms, he is pretty much the go to guy for a great trust in Minnesota. We go over some of the basics of a good trust, the advantages and what a trust is. If you are new to NFA items and have been thinking about creating a trust, this series will hopefully answer a lot of your questions. We encourage you to contact an attorney in your area to help with your trust as they will know the specific laws and regulations that relate to you and can help develop a trust that meets your needs. In the coming parts of the series we will talk about the new regulations imposed by 41F and the life and death of a trust as well as who should be a part of it. Thanks for watching!

  • Category: NFA Guns
  • Uploaded: 02/11/2016