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ERGO MAST Modular Armorer Stand Review



This is a review of the MAST from ERGO. This Modular Armorer Stand is great for both large and small frame Glocks and 1911's. It's an affordable way to secure your pistol so that you can use 2 hands to work on them Links Below ERGO MAST Full Kit ERGO MAST - Just the Stand ERGO MAST - Just the Block - Small Frame G17, G19, G34 etc ERGO MAST - Just the Block- Large frame ERGO MAST 1911 Alpha Shooting Sports Glock Slide and Parts Use Discount Code TDS5 Alpha Shooting Sports Match Barrel

This video is educational and is intended to show people an option that will help them safely work on their firearms at less risk to themselves and others by not allowing ammunition magazines in the firearm during maintenance.