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InRange is a collaborative project between Ian McCollum (Forgotten Weapons) and Karl Kasarda. After watching the gun program landscape of cable television decline into a wasteland of explosions and ginned-up drama, they decided to produce a show that would appeal the intelligent and sophisticated gun owners and gun enthusiasts worldwide.

Recent uploads

Hudson H9 - First Shots & Unboxing

Tiger Valley 2017 - 2 Man SWAT Team Competition for Civilians

Red October AK 2017 - Introduction & Stage 1: Mass Grave

WWSD: GWACS Lower Receiver

Finnish Mosin-Nagant Variants

The Spinner Target: Strategies to Defeat it!

AR500 Armor Spall Testing W/Dugan Ashley

Mud Test: Enfield Ishapore 2a/2a1

Fun WW2 Gas Masks for Children

2g-ACM - Rimless Enfields - 1911 Spinner Target Hate

2g-ACM - Rimless Enfields - Dirt Crawling and Failing

Vintage Operator: Polish Resistance Fighter T-Shirt